WACAC Mentor Program

The WACAC Mentor Program is a great way for new and experienced members of the profession to connect, share ideas, and support one another. 

What does it take to be a Mentor?
  • Five or more years of experience in college admission or high school counseling
  • In-depth knowledge of your job area
  • Willingness to take the time to help someone new to the profession
  • A positive attitude and desire to have some fun
What does it take to be a Mentee?
  • A desire to learn and grow within the college admission or high school counselor profession
  • Willingness to take time to get involved
  • The desire to meet someone new and learn from him/her

How the Program Works

      • All members must fill out a Mentorship Application
      • Once an application is submitted, the Mentorship Committee will review the application and match mentors with mentees.  The Committee will notify the members of their match.  It will then be up to the mentor/mentee pair to communication with one another.
      • Pairings do not necessarily have to be within your own field.  For example, a match can be made between members in college admission and high school counseling.

For additional information or questions/comments, please feel free to contact either:

Tawney Latona, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at tawney@uwm.edu 

Eric Wagner, St. Norbert College at eric.wagner@snc.edu

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