Bill Barbeau 

Whitefish Bay High School

Lindsay Barbeau

Marquette University

When I started in the Admissions profession a little over six years ago, I had one of the best resources I could ever imagine—my dad.  He taught me to see things from the other side of the desk and has always been a great sounding board.  When I offered to be our first official WACAC member profile, I was naturally talking to my dad and he wanted to join in all the fun.  My dad is a school counselor at Whitefish Bay High School and surprisingly is celebrating is 30th year in school counseling.  I work at Marquette University and just celebrated my 4th year at Marquette. 

1. What did you study in college?  Was your plan to enter the higher education world?

Lindsay: I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and it took me almost 4 semesters to figure out a major. I ended up being a Communications Major.  When I was a sophomore, I got a job in the Admissions Office at Madison and in my senior year decided I wanted to go into college admissions as a career.  I had some insights throughout my college career that I might be good in higher education—thanks Dad!      

BillI went to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and majored in Human Services (which is similar to social work).  School counseling wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do once I graduated, but I knew that I wanted to work with kids.    

2. What inspires you most?

Lindsay:  I love helping students figure out the best options for their future.  I have a passion for working with students who identify as first-generation or are the oldest sibling in their family.  I am the oldest sibling in my family and love taking the wisdom that I have learned and passing it down to the next generation of college students.  

Bill:  I love getting to know students as freshmen and watching them grow and develop throughout their 4 years in high school.  Seeing students figure out their passions and the direction they want to take their life is exciting and rewarding.  

3. What is the best part of what you do?

Lindsay: I love working with students and their families—appointments, presentations, events.  I have a very energetic personality and combining that with a conversation with a student, it takes my energy to a whole new level.    

Bill: I love coming to work every day and knowing it won’t be the same as the day before.  Students are always coming into my office with different questions, issues, concerns and I like helping them in their own way.  

4. How has being a member of WACAC helped you?

Lindsay:  WACAC has been a big part of my career from the start—attending the New Counselor Institute (NCI) was my first networking experience.  The leaders of my NCI are still some of my closest friends in the profession today.  Joining the NCI committee allowed me to get involved with WACAC in other areas—Membership Committee, Executive Assistant, and winning both the state and national Rising Star Award.  WACAC has been such a rewarding experience for me and I love being involved.    

Bill: I wouldn’t enjoy my job as much if it wasn’t for the professional connections that I made over the past 30 years on both sides of the desk.  I love it!  I love knowing people around the country and around Wisconsin and knowing that we are all working toward a common goal.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give a new admissions counselor or high school counselor?

Lindsay:  Get involved!  It is nice to have people outside of your college/university that you can bounce ideas off and use as a resource.  

Bill:  Make connections with your students, your colleagues—they can help you so much.  Enjoy the job and have fun! 

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