Be a Bigger Part of WACAC

Being involved in WACAC is such an awesome and important opportunity as a WACAC member.  We encourage all of our members to get involved whether through professional development or a committee.  There are 8 main committees with various sub-committees.  Using the links below you can see a synopsis of the committees as well as who the current members are.

If you would like to join a committee, please fill out the WACAC Volunteer Form or contact the individual committee chair.

Admissions Practices:  The Admissions Practices Committee annually reviews the Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission and is responsible through a variety of outreach activities to educate the membership on best practices within our respective fields.  Learn more by clicking here.  

Government Relations:  The Government Relations Committee works to keep the membership updated on government issues related to secondary and post-secondary education.  Learn more by clicking here.

Inclusion, Access, and Success: The Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee develops and implements policy recommendations which will assist in the expansion and access to post-secondary opportunities for those who, for reasons of poverty or other experiences, have been denied options available to others.  Learn more by clicking here.

Membership: The Membership Committee is responsible for the membership renewal process and cultivating/recruiting more WACAC members.  Learn more by clicking here.  

Professional Development:  The Professional Development Committee is made up of various sub-committees that assist with planning all professional development events including New Counselor Institute, Conference Planning, and Professional Development Workshops.  Learn more by clicking here.  

Communications: The Communications Committee is mainly responsible for the development, presence, and content of the WACAC website and the WACAC Facebook page.  Learn more by clicking here.    

National College Fair:  The National College Fair Committee is in charge of planning an executing the Milwaukee NACAC College Fair with the support of NACAC personnel. Learn more by clicking here.  

Nominations and Awards: The Nominations and Awards Committee is in charge of soliciting nominations and selecting individuals for annual awards. This committee is normally chaired by WACAC's immediate past-president. Learn more by clicking here.  

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