Samantha Martens

Off-Site Recruitment Specialist

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

1. What did you study in college?  Was your plan to enter the school counseling world?

My original goal was to be a history major for second education and wanted to eventually be a school counselor.  After changing my mind, I settled on Hospitality Management.  Through my involvement in undergrad, I knew my senior year I would go back to graduate school for student affairs.  I went to the University of Nebraska for my maters and graduated in 2016.  I am very happy that I found my pathway back to higher education.

2. What inspires you most about your job?

Helping students figure out their futures.  Deciding to attend college and then selecting the right college is probably one of the biggest decisions a senior in high school can make.  I am happy to serve as a resource for them.  I tend to put on my student affairs hat and have some authentic conversations about the importance of college, how to be successful, and how to find a sense of belonging in the transition to college. 

3. What is the best part of what you do?

Making connections with students, parents, and counselors.  I love learning about the goals students have and how higher education can help them achieve their dreams.  The best is when a student falls in love with your campus and ends up attending.  I try to stay connected with some students in the start of their freshmen year.  Hearing success stories is what makes all the crazy travel worth it!

4. How has being a member of WACAC helped you?

Being a member has added so much value to my position.  Being a regional recruiter, it is difficult to establish relationships and understand the flow of recruitment in Wisconsin.  I was able to get involved as a Co-Chair on the National College Fair Committee right away.  Also, attending the conference and professional development workshops has been extremely valuable to learn more as I grow in this profession. 

6. What is one piece of advice you would give a new admissions counselor or high school counselor?

Get involved by just showing up to a professional development workshop or our annual conference.  Take advantage of the benefits that are offered.  Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions and reach out to others to introduce yourself.

7. What's an interesting fact about you that has nothing to do with admissions counseling?

I was recently married in September.  My husband and I are both transplants.  I am originally from Illinois and a huge Chicago sports fan.  I've lived in 4 different states and I love to travel.  I am also a huge foodie, so send me your restaurant recommendations!  You can catch be on our boat in the summer.

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