Brian Hendricks

Director of College Advising

Divine Savior Holy Angels High


1. What did you study in college?  Was your plan to enter the school counseling world?

My original goal was to be a SportsCenter anchor or a play-by-play guy.  Then I wanted to be an organizational behavior/communication consultant.  I have a bachelor's degree in Electronic and Broadcast Communication.  I then received  two master's degree s--one in Leadership Studies and the other in School Counseling.

2. What inspires you most about your job?

The Students!  Going through the ups and downs with the students is great.  I love being there for them when they need advice or just someone to listen to them.  I also love being there to accept that acceptance or other things going great in their lives.  

3. What is the best part of what you do?

As much routine as I have everyday, there is so many different surprises or things that pop up with the students that no two days are the same.

4. How has being a member of WACAC helped you?

The networking and learning from other counselors has been the best part of being a member of WACAC. Just like I do on the basketball court, I steal from everyone and that helps my students.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give a new admissions counselor or high school counselor?

Get involved. That could be joining WACAC, being on a committee, or just reaching out to others who have done it before. Don’t sit in your schools all alone, get out, learn, and ask questions.

7. What's an interesting fact about you that has nothing to do with admissions counseling?

I have an IMDB profile page as an actor.

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