Alexis B. Carter

Assistant Director of Admissions High School Recruitment, Alverno College

1. What did you study in college?  Was your plan to enter the school counseling world?

In 10th grade I took a career aptitude test and my top 3 jobs were: TV Anchor, High School Guidance Counselor and Reverend. I was introduced to Higher Ed while enrolled in college, and found my natural ability to engage with others, consult on next step decisions and spread the good word were meaningful qualities I possessed. In order for me to have a base for all types of career ventures, including those posed by that career aptitude exam, I knew I would consider Business or Communications for my major. I am a proud 2009 graduate of Alverno College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business & Management. I have my Master's Degree in Science of Management from Cardinal Stritch University and this summer, I acquired my SHRM-CP, an advanced Human Resource credential. Every job I have been successful in has required me to be front facing with prospective customers or current employees. I have held positions focusing on the functions of Human Resources (executive-level recruitment, talent acquisition, and employee incentive programming) and Education (K-12 & Higher Ed, Private, Public, Charter). While I currently serve as the Assistant Director of Admissions at Alverno, in my heart, I'll always kind of be a TV Anchor-Counselor-Preacher, in a bit of a way.

2. What inspires you most about your job?

I enjoy seeing students go from a prospective high school student to official college student. It's a process, a big transition and requires a strong relationship with the student and their family. Little nuances may be what connect you initially, but as you learn more about their interests and needs as they transition to college, you go along the ride as well. You get updates on prom dress selections, birthdays and the final score of the big game. I am inspired by the personal growth, patience in acclimation and confidence I see time and time again, from someone who was once an initial inquiry, to applicant, to Preview Day visit, to taking a student ID, to rocking an Alverno t-shirt while walking to class.... it is such a great energy to feel and see! They are home. It gives me great pride when a student shares that I helped them really consider what is best for them when selecting their college.

3. How has being a member of WACAC helped you?

It has officially been one year since I returned to Higher Ed and joined my alma mater Alverno College, following a six year gap where my work focused on K-12 learning. While away from the industry, some of the best practices I had come to know of in relation to how students connect at a college level has changed since my last go, the technology used too. WACAC has been very helpful in allowing me to ask questions about how other counselors are best able to engage with prospective students. There is always a training opportunities to investigate ideas. It's refreshing to hear other members talk about ways they are navigating new virtual platforms and learning to look at our jobs through a student lens in these Covid-19 times. WACAC has been key in helping me enjoy discussions inside of my scope of work.

    4. What is one piece of advice you would give a new admissions counselor or high school counselor?

    The nature of Admissions work (really any industry) is truly reflective in the relationships you build. Be genuine. Speak to your own experience, good or bad. Be clear with a student/contact that if you do know then and there, that you WILL find out for them and report back and do it. I am fortunate to have many contacts throughout my career that I am able to still reference and connect with because of establishing good rapport. Treating the CEO as kind as the janitor goes a long way. I never underestimate the power of a chance meeting or any instance of interconnectedness.

      5. If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

      Pasta e Olio. Super low maintenance to make, but full of flavor. Pasta cooked al dente, olive oil, shredded cheese of choice, sliced garlic and red paper flakes to taste. You are welcome. Try it!

      6. What's an interesting fact about you that has nothing to do with admissions counseling?

      I enjoy watching sports (Go Milwaukee Bucks & Seattle Seahawks Go!), traveling, thrifting, DIY projects, cooking with new flavors and gardening.

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