Admission Practices FAQ

The Admission Practices Committee shall review annually the Statement of Principles of Good Practice of NACAC, the NACAC Monitoring Procedures for Statement of Principles of Good Practices, and shall determine whether to submit recommendations to the NACAC Executive Board. This committee shall also be responsible for dealing with alleged infractions as defined by NACAC guidelines.

Allegations and Inquiries

Allegations are findings of an actual violation of the SPGP by the committee. Inquiries are notifications that a possible violation

 has been forwarded to the committee for review.

Complaints on institutions outside of Wisconsin

Inquiries brought against institutions outside of Wisconsin should be filed with the Wisconsin ACAC Admission Practices

 Committee. This committee will work in conjunction with the regional ACAC in which the outside institution in located.

How will I know that my Inquiry has been adjudicated?

The individual making the inquiry will be in communication with the committee. At a minimum, we'll notify the individual

 making the inquiry of the resolution of their issue.


All inquiries, including the identity of the person(s) involved and the institution involved, will remain confidential.

May 1 Candidate Reply Date

The May 1 Candidate Reply Date is considered a postmark date (and/or a receipt date for electronic materials) per the SPGP

 Section B1, A-D) 

Can candidates be compelled to commit to a college before May 1?

Only students admitted under early decision agreements, or student athletes, may be required to commit before the May 1

 date. All other candidates have until May 1 to make a decision. All enrollment offers (including admission offers into limited

 enrollment programs), scholarships, or financial aid offers must be honored until this date.

Institutional consequences

Most institutions voluntarily come into compliance after being notified of a violation. If an institution refuses to comply, it may

 be excluded from participating in state, regional, and national college fairs; May receive an official statement of non-

compliance; have voting rights suspended; or have membership in NACAC, state or regional organizations involuntarily



If you have questions about the process of discovery, would like to discuss a possible violation of good practices, or have other

 concerns about this committee's activity, contact our Admission Practices Chairs:

Jenn Machacek Perry Robinson

Vice President for Enrollment                       Associate Director of College Guidance
Ripon College University School of Milwaukee
920-748-8185 414-540-3475

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